Minerva For Small Businesses

Your business is never too small (or large) to pre-empt cyber threats. Regardless of of your team’s size, skills or toolset, Minerva can ensure you will never pay ransomware

The unfair fact is that small organizations with limited manpower and lower budgets require protection from the same attacks that target large organizations with teams of experts and a nearly unlimited budget.

The reality is that 80% of organizations lack the resources to have a dedicated prevention team with advanced skillets. Unfortunately, threat actors know this and don’t seek out only the large and well-founded organizations. The losses that result from an attack – including ransom payments, data leaks, corporate downtime, and company reputation – can negatively impact a small business or organization much more than their larger and more fortified counterparts.

Minerva understands this: No matter your company size or resources, you need cyber threat protection. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and designed Minerva for SMBs, our award-winning patented platform that is:

  • Very light weight, operates without slowing down the user’s system
  • Super rapid rollout – Single user space agent. No prerequisites, no downtime, and no reboots
  • Ultra-light agent – Doesn’t affect endpoint performance
  • Easy to use – Frees up significant amounts of manpower and resources

Minerva’s focuses on malicious software at the beachhead stage of the attack, before it’s able to get a foothold in your system and begin causing damage.

Deployed on the endpoint, The Minerva Armor includes multi-layer prevention engines that create an environment that neutralizes and prevents malicious activity prior the execution phase of the attack. This multi-layered engine combines advanced prevention-oriented cyber warfare approaches such as deterrence-based, active deception, active camouflage, isolation, virtual patching, vaccination and other anti-evasion capabilities.

We’d love to show you how our product works and let you see for yourself how your small to medium sized business can be fully protected from threats.