Armor BYOnD

Protect your organization from unmanaged devices without compromising privacy, with Just-In-Time Ransomware & Endpoint Protection
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Enterprise endpoint protection only when connected to network
No Impact on user privacy
Stop ransomware, keyloggers and unwanted screenshots

Unmanaged devices are one of the biggest threats to enterprise security

Third party devices are not owned by the company, so due to privacy concerns companies cannot install security software on them, even if they are used to connect to the organization

VPNs and VDIs only solve part of the problem
3rd party device security is unknown and can be a huge vulnerability
Keyloggers can easily steal messages and passwords even if you're on a VPN/VDI
Screengrabbers can still steal sensitive information even if you're on a VPN/VDI
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Armor BYOnD protects unmanaged devices while they are connected

Protect unmanaged devices, on demand, without compromising privacy

Protect unmanaged devices only when they connect to the organizations

  • Protection is disabled when user is not connected to the company network
  • Armor BYOnD automatically launches when user connects to VPN / VDI
  • User and company are fully protected throughout the work session
  • Armor BYOnD completely unloads when user ends work session and disconnects from company VPN/VDI

Install-free Agent

  • Portable agent requires no installation on 3rd party system
  • Automatically launches upon connection to VPN/VDI and completely unloads when session is disconnected
  • Seamless and automatic initial setup

Even Works on Windows legacy systems

  • Supports all Windows versions from Windows 7
  • No need to leave legacy systems vulnerable

Minerva BYOnD Modules

Introducing Minerva BYOnD modules/solution

Ransomware Prevention
Screengrabber Protection
Keylogger Protection
Browser Isolation (Optional)


Does Minerva BYOnD affect the computer owner's privacy?
Absolutely not! We realize that 3rd parties don't want to install security software that can potentially compromise their privacy. That's why Minerva BYOnD only launches when the user connects to your organization's network, and automatically unloads itself when the user disconnects.
We have a company VPN. Isn't that enough to protect our network?
Unfortunately, a VPN gives a false sense of security when working with remote users. If a remote user is infected with ransomware or other malicious software like keyloggers or screengrabbers, sensitive information and passwords can still be compromised.
Do I need to install BYOnD on the endpoint?
Minerva BYOnD's runs with an install-free agent, meaning there is no installation required to the endpoint.
How does BYOnD work if I don't need to install it?
When the user downloads the VPN needed to connect to the organization's network, Minerva BYOnD is simply coupled with it, and the VPN Launches BYOnD (and ensures it is running) before executing the remote connection

Minerva has made us the most secure organization on the planet

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Armor is an award winning security solution

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