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New version of Remcos RAT uses direct syscalls to evade detection.

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New CatB Ransomware Employs 2-Year Old DLL Hijacking Technique To Evade Detection

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Over 7,000 Ransomware attacks occur every day!

Ransomware is the single most destructive threat in the industry, with attack numbers doubling year over year. 95% of ransomware are purpose-built to bypass traditional security measures.
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We deployed the solution in less than a week and saw immediate results - The number of ransomware attacks on us have reduced dramatically.

CISO - Global Shipping Company

We were able to deploy the solution within less than a week and saw immediate results. The number of ransomware attacks on us have reduced dramatically.

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Multi-layered Anti-Ransomware Platform

Minerva turns ransomware's evasive qualities against them to prevent them from starting the attack in the first place.

Prevent both known and unknown ransomware

Prevent zero-day ransomware without even needing to detect it

Stop ransomware pre-execution

No need for system rollbacks. Stop the attack before it starts!

Close the security gap so ransomware will always lose

More evasive ransomware - Minerva stops it. Less evasive - AV detects it. Ransomware can't win!

Enterprises That Trust Minerva

Deployed globally on more than 1,500,000 End Points

Minerva Armor Products

Introducing the Minerva Armor family - The Ultimate Anti-Ransomware solution


Actively prevent Ransomware before it even starts, through Minerva's patented hostile simulation engine.



Armor Active Ransomware Prevention + NGAV

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Armor Active Ransomware Prevention + Microsoft Windows Defender Orchestration

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Minerva Armor core features

Prevent Ransomware, Zero Downtime, Never Pay Ransom!

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Supports Legacy System

All Windows systems supported, from Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Never Pay Ransom

Prevent and block even the most evasive Ransomware at the earliest stages, before it can do any damage.

Ultra light-weight agent

2-minute agent installation, no reboot required. Roll-out in hours, not days or weeks with no degradation to the endpoint at <25MB and <1% CPU usage

Microsoft Defender Orchestration

Leverage Minerva Orchestration to Increase Efficacy. Centrally monitor endpoint technologies and forward relevant activities to SIEM and other solutions.

Minerva Armor Solutions

Introducing Minerva Armor modules/solution
Ransomware Prevention
Exploit Mitigation
Critical Asset Protection
Browser Isolation
SASE Zero trust
Microsoft Defender Orchestration
Incident Response / BCP

The number of ransomware attacks on us have reduced dramatically since installing Minerva

CISO - Global Shipping Company

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Armor is an award winning security solution

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